Lust List 2010: Kamal

Job: Doughnut-baker
Age: 29
Status: Single

Kamal, the proprietor of Sublime Donuts, inspires poetry. “He’s hotter than summer sun and sweeter than the dulce de leche he sells,” one nominator gushed. Another admirer actually coined the term “donutgasm” when describing the sugar-loving baker. “He’s like Pharell in a chef coat,” she went on. “He’s such a sweet talker too. You know he’s full of shit, but you walk out of there feeling sexy anyway.” A sexy man who sells doughnuts and makes his patrons feel sexy? Now, that’s sweet.

What do you like best about your job?
Being able to create things, and seeing an immediate reaction. Making people happy, I guess.

What’s your preferred cocktail?
With these donut hours, Full Throttle.

What band were you obsessed with when you were 14?
Is that around the time of Kris Kross?

What’s your most gruesome childhood injury?
I got my nose broken when I was in eighth grade playing football.

What comic book character would you most like to be?
Homer Simpson, because he eats doughnuts all the time. And the Flash, for the speed. A combined Homer/Flash, so I could have the doughnuts and the speed.

What would be your last meal if you were on death row?
I’m a big fan of corn dogs. I love hot dogs, and then they’re dipped in corn bread, which is delicious, and then deep fat fried – it’s a trifecta!

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Eating doughnuts, I guess. But I find joy in that. I eat like a dozen a day. Other people feel guilty about eating doughnuts, but I don’t.

Do you have a favorite quote or a mantra?
I like the one by Randy Pauch, about walls were put there for a reason, to keep the weak people out. When you see a wall, keep going.

What’s the most romantic spot in Atlanta?
Lake Lanier

What happens when you die?
You find out what it’s all about. Hopefully you find out what it was all for.

Who would play you in a movie?

How often do you exercise?
Never, anymore. I exercise that rolling pin.

Do you have a lucky charm or superstition?
I’ve got a lot of superstitions. I won’t cash those $2 bills over there. People should stop paying with $2 bills, ’cause I can’t bring myself to use them.

Name three foods that are part of your regular diet.
Doughnuts, doughnuts and doughnuts. I throw some rice in there every now and then.

What one item would you save if your house was flooding?
I’ve got a couple of exclusive Nikes I’d like to keep.

What’s your least favorite thing about Atlanta?
We don’t have enough small guys succeeding. It’s a big-box city. People are scared to try new things.