Lust List 2014: Crystal

Job: Manager, Spot for Dogs

Age: 27

Relationship Status: Single

With her spiky blond hair and colorful bow ties, Crystal embodies every bit of the "fun and androgynous style" adored by the secret admirer who nominated her for Lust List. Though the manager at Spot for Dogs on Ponce de Leon Avenue can't imagine her work environs being visited upon by Cupid, she admits to harboring a spot in her heart for canines, especially the overly aggressive kind. Before caring for domesticated animals, Crystal raised and butchered chickens and hogs on her own farm in Mableton. In a sense, that old-school approach carries over to her personal life. A bicycle is her only vehicle and she prefers the romantic setting of Oakland Cemetery to a Facebook interface. "I don't exist on social media," she says with a wry smile. — Rodney Carmichael

What's your standard drink?

Vodka tonic.

What band were you obsessed with when you were 14?

Probably Rob Zombie.

What's your guiltiest pleasure?

Pretty much self-indulgence across the board. Laughs

What's your least favorite household chore?


Describe your relationship to exercise.

Daily. I ride a bicycle 10 to 20 miles a day.

What's the last thing that made you cry?

Probably a movie. I don't cry very often; it's generally like TV or movie-based.

What's the last good book you read?

I'm currently reading The Queen of Whale Cay. It's about a lady from the '20s who was an eccentric.

What do you wish someone would hurry up and invent?

You know the tubes at the bank — but for people. Teleportation.

What's the lamest pickup line anyone's used on you?

I don't usually get pickup lines.

What movie would you most like to live in?

Mary Poppins. Being Mary Poppins would be the jam.

What's the first album you bought with your own money?

Soundgarden, Superunknown.

What's the best way for a customer to hit on you?

It would be very awkward considering the industry I'm in. Laughs

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

I don't know, maybe Julia Stiles?

What's the one thing you most hope to accomplish this year?

Learn to play the cello. I really dig the tones of it, the sounds that it produces.

What's your least favorite thing about Atlanta?

Lack of awareness in the general public and sense of entitlement.

Is there a drawback to being attractive?

Not that I'm aware of. Laughs

Name one thing you've stolen.

Probably like chicken nuggets from Walmart when I was 15.

Who's the most important person in your life?

My grandmother.

What's your sexy-time soundtrack?

Umm, we'll go with "Keep It on the Hush" by Ludacris.

Have you ever been dumped? If so, what was the reason?

I've never been dumped. All of my major relationships have ended amicably.

What's your pettiest relationship deal-breaker?


What would you order for your last meal?

Pork tenderloin.

How much would you charge to murder a stranger?

Ah, I'd never do that.

How do you handle rejection?

Fairly well, but it doesn't happen often.

With whom would you like to play Truth or Dare?

That's a tough one. I really can't think of anyone.

What did your parents want you to do with your life?

Be happy.

Have you ever stalked someone on social media?

I do not partake in social media. I think I had a MySpace account for a week like eight years ago but since then I don't exist on social media.

How often do you talk to your mother?

Varies. It can be once every two weeks to once every three months.

What's your preferred footwear?

Barefoot or flip-flops, if I can help it.

What's the most romantic place in Atlanta?

Oakland Cemetery.

What's your wackiest piece of personal trivia?

I had a farm when I was 23. It was out in Mableton. I raised and dispatched and butchered my own chickens and hogs for two years.

What's your weirdest recurring dream?

Being able to breath underwater. It messed me up because I would have the dream and then get around water after awhile and test it out. No, it does not work. Laughs

What personal attribute are you a sucker for?


Where would you go on a bucket list vacation?

Probably Brazil.

Not counting rent or bills, where does most of your disposable income go?

Food. I like eating out. By far the best that I've gone to is Restaurant Eugene. Local Three's a really good one. I frequent Atkins Park because it's in close proximity to my house and it's much better than regular bar food.

What's your life's ambition/grandest dream?

To be wealthy enough to be able to rescue aggressive dogs who are going to be euthanized for aggression and rehab them on my own dollar and then adopt them out. I really dig working with aggressive dogs.

If you had to spend a million dollars in one afternoon, what would you do?

Get an airplane and I'd just go around eating everywhere.

Have you ever stolen a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend?

No, but I had this really sordid affair when I was 17. I'd met this couple and was messing around with both of them behind each other's backs. It got to be too much for me and I was like, "Hey, look, you guys should know and I'm gone." Dueces.

What's your own character flaw you'd most like to fix?

I'm really bad about putting everyone else before myself. It's something I'm really trying to work on.

Why do you think someone nominated you for the Lust List?

I really have no idea.

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