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Ruff Ryder's First Lady stars as rival singing troupe coach in tonight's episode of 'Glee'

Its been five years since Eve released an album, but that doesn't mean she hasn't been busy. The multi-talented rapper and actress has cameoed on several chart-topping songs, flexed her acting chops in a few films and had a successful television series "Eve," which ran for three seasons on UPN. Earlier this year, Eve appeared along side Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page as a roller derby girl in Whip It

Tonight marks Eve’s return to the small screen with a guest role on Fox’s hit high school musical dramedy "Glee." On the show, Eve plays Grace Hitchens a rival glee club coach at a reform school for girls. Eve, who's currently on a club tour in Dubai, answered questions from the press about the success of "Glee" and her role on the show. The "Glee" episode "Hairography" airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Tell us about your character on the show and how she fits into Sue’s plan to destroy the glee club.
Well, in this episode you actually see her as an administrator and she definitely gets approached about getting rid of the glee club at the school but you basically see her being a teacher and administrator for these reform school girls. You see her take the girls to the school and see them do this "Bootylicious" number, which kinda blows the competition away. It’s a real funny episode.

What songs, if any, will you personally be singing in this episode?
I won’t be singing at all actually. I don’t sing. Which is fun. It was really fun to just sit back and watch other people sing. I was kinda like the choir director that was pretty cool.

What song would you have chosen if you could have had your way on the show?
Probably "Sweet Dreams" (Eurythmics), that’s my karaoke go-to, so I’d probably pick that song.

What made you want to guest star on "Glee?"
I guess to be honest it was out of the blue. I got asked if I wanted to be a part of it and I was like “Oh sure.” I had heard the buzz about the show and saw the pilot when it first came out and I figured it was something really different, something that we haven’t seen on TV before and was something to do. So I didn’t’ want to turn it down so I’m happy I was a part of it.

How is your character’s approach as a glee club coach compared to Will?
For me especially, I come from a harder place. I’m the teacher at a reform school and my girls are used to me being very strict with them so in that aspect you can see the dynamic as we sit across from the desk from one another that I come from a harder place.

Do you have any experience in school with choir or glee club?
Yes, I was actually was in choir. Choir was really big for me for a few years in my life from fourth to eighth grade.

Was the experience similar to what we see on "Glee" where the kids were shunned and looked at as outcasts?
That’s a good question, I can’t remember if we were cool or not. We probably weren’t that cool but when I got to the seventh or eighth grade I didn’t worry about it that much.

How does this role compare to other TV roles you’ve done in the past?
Well this is the first time I’ve been a teacher — that was really fun. It was fun to be an administrator and choir director — that was pretty cool.

What was your favorite part of shooting this episode?
This may sound a little cheesy and cliché to say but everything. From the first moment I set foot on stage and saw the girls do the "Bootylicious" number I was blown away and it got better and better. When you see this number you’re going to die.

What would be your advice for young kids who want to be in the music industry?
Just keep it original, always be yourself. Never let someone tell you that you need to follow a fad as far as music goes — you should always be original.

Do you think artists are looking to give their songs to the cast of "Glee" to cover?
Oh for sure. I think if you’re smart and they ask, definitely give it over. It keeps you going as an artist and especially the way the industry is now where everybody is looking for cross promotion or longevity. A show like this can help you with that.

It was reported that Whitney Houston was originally in mind for the role you play in this episode, how different do you think it would be if it were played by her?
I don’t know, it's Whitney Houston whom I love to death. It would have been different in a sense that she’s an original diva — she would have brought a whole other energy so that would have been amazing.

This episode airs the day before Thanksgiving. What are your Thanksgiving plans this year?
I’m in Dubai right now so I’ll be in Dubai for Thanksgiving. This will be a little weird. I guess this will be my first year with no turkey. I’m assuming we’ll be able to go someplace that has a traditional turkey dinner but I don’t know.

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