Summer Guide - ... Find a really fun man-made waterfall in Roswell

"OK, so if you're heading north on Roswell Road, you wanna cross the bridge that goes over the Chattahoochee River, and then make a right onto Riverside Road. Make an immediate left into a parking lot. Hike up the hill until you hear the waterfall!" These are the simple directions I've followed to my favorite summer swimming hole, but I've always managed to screw it up just a little bit.

The first time I went, it was with friends, it was July 4th, and it was my 28th birthday. It was magical, once we actually found it. First we passed the turn-off at Riverside Road, then, once we parked and were on the trail, we took a couple wrong turns and had to backtrack. There are signs that direct you to the waterfall, but they're not terribly helpful. I think it adds to the adventure. Sweat, dirt, coolers filled with beer bouncing off our sticky legs with every step. Then we heard the waterfall.

It's actually a dam I guess, but it was the closest I'd been to nature since I'd moved to Atlanta that fall and I was in love with it. Besides the hike, getting down to the base of the dam is dangerous. You literally have to scale down the steep, slippery, rocky terrain, before you get to the even slipperier rocks in the riverbed. Someone will fall. And it will be the person wearing the white bathing suit.

I've never seen the waterfall/dam/whatever crowded, even on that July 4th. And I suppose I risk ruining that by directing people to it. But you'll probably get lost, anyway.

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