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The cost of college

Average amount an undergraduate takes out in loans for four years of college: $19,237

Cost of a basic Toshiba laptop computer: $449.99

Approximate cost of a year's worth of textbooks for a freshman: $850

Cost of a twin, extra-long bed in a bag: $129.99

Cost of a shower caddy: $9.99

Cost of an unlimited meal plan per semester at Georgia Tech and Emory, respectively: $1,485; $1,968

Price of a package of ramen noodles: $0.29

Cost of a six-pack of Bud Light: $5.29

Number of plastic cups needed for a game of beer pong: 12

Cost of a box of Emergen-C packets to cure your hangover: $14.95

Sources: Finaid.org, Government Accountability Office, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, www.gatech.edu, www.emory.edu, Toco Giant Package Store, American Beer Pong Association of America, www.alacer.com

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