Golden Sleaze Awards - The Destination: Racism Award

Sen. John Wiles and Sen. Jack Murphy

Instead of having an open and honest discussion about immigration policy, the Gold Dome's resident xenophobes have tried to one-up each other with bills to make life ever more difficult for Latinos. Wiles, a perennial Senate sourpuss, sponsored what critics dubbed the "human bounty bill," a measure to reward select suburban governments that use racial profiling – aka "driving while brown" – to round up possible undocumented aliens.

Not to be topped, Murphy decided to roll out the unwelcome mat for all newcomers with a bill to mandate drivers license exams be given only in English. Georgia, which currently offers exams in 13 different languages, would've had the dubious honor of being the only state in the country with such a program. Wiles' bill stalled in the House, while Murphy's law was gutted after lawmakers realized it was tantamount to flipping a bird at the Korean auto executives who brought their Kia plant to our state.