Golden Sleaze Awards - The Put a Lid on That Chivalry Award

Rep. Mark Butler

After the ex-Mrs. Richardson's TV bombshell about the soon-to-be-ex House speaker, journalists went into hyperdrive to root out other cases of inappropriate conduct between legislators and lobbyists.

Some lawmakers managed to avoid the spotlight (for now). Butler did not.

In December, the Carrollton Times-Georgian learned that the lawmaker tried to bully the University of West Georgia after the school fired Butler's ex-girlfriend, who also happened to be the university's lobbyist. According to the paper, Butler secretly tape-recorded phone conversations with school officials and even warned UWG's vice president that he'd "just pissed off the whole political party," including the House leadership. Now, we'll give Butler rare credit for not cheating on his wife – but only because he's not married. And we hope he's learned a valuable lesson: Zip it up and move on.