Golden Sleaze Awards - The I'm Out of Ideas, Mr. President, Gimme Some Material Award

Rep. Mark Hatfield

Gold Dome rule No. 3,412: When you lack any good ideas, just start throwing shit at the wall.

Hatfield, who last year nearly came to blows with a GOP colleague during a committee hearing, apparently needed to rehabilitate his image as a level-headed, responsible and thoughtful policymaker. Normally, a lawmaker would simply introduce a bill that would lead to some much-needed progress in Georgia. Instead, Hatfield introduced a resolution to impeach state Attorney General Thurbert Baker. The reason? Baker declined Gov. Sonny Perdue's request to join more than 10 other states and sue the federal government over health care reform.

Perdue later appointed a "special attorney general" to do his bidding, but that move went nowhere. So Hatfield decided to one-up himself in the final days of the session with a bill to require future presidential candidates to sign an affidavit swearing to their U.S. citizenship before Georgia allowed them on the ballot. Now, what do you suppose inspired that?