Golden Sleaze Awards - The Most Deserving of a GQ Photo Spread Award

Sen. George Hooks

There’s reason enough to recognize Hooks for pointedly asking south Fulton water authority officials during a committee hearing if a controversial reservoir proposal was merely a front for a big-bucks development scheme. Hooks, a Gold Domer since 1980 and the official “Dean of the Senate,” is a friendly, folksy lawmaker from Carter country who often injects historical context into debates with his laughably myopic colleagues. But to be honest, we also love this old-school pol’s sartorial style, which usually takes the form of a crisp seersucker suit and white bucks. Unlike the wet-behind-the-ears lobbyists and lawmakers who dress up to appear sophisticated, Hooks effortlessly pulls off the look with a confident swagger. He’s a joy to watch and hear, a welcome throwback to a bygone age of good manners and Southern courtliness. Y’all come back now, y’hear?