Golden Sleaze Awards - The Standing Alone Award

Rep. Edward Lindsey

One of the more likable folks in the statehouse, Lindsey deservedly jumped several notches up the food chain this year to serve as House Majority Whip with little of the ham-handedness of loutish predecessor Barry Fleming. It was perhaps inevitable that Lindsey would try to protect the interests of his Atlanta constituents by opposing a bill to split Fulton County in half. But, as the only city lawmaker with an "R" behind his name, Lindsey was going against grain of local Republicans, as well as crossing the bill's powerful author, Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones. Knowing the political risks, Lindsey could've disappeared when it came time for the committee vote (hey, it happens) or refused to discuss the issue in interviews, but instead he was willing to take a very unpopular – within his party, anyway – and public stance against the Milton County bill. And, rather than simply act as a speed bump, Lindsey pushed for reasonable alternatives, such as restructuring Fulton's government. Sometimes being on the right side can be lonely.