Golden Sleaze Awards - The I Wouldn't Trust The State With My Piss Award

Rep. Michael Harden

Eager to show he's not afraid to play hardball with those who are down on their luck, Harden introduced a bill to require all people receiving unemployment benefits and other state assistance to take an annual drug test. The first-term lawmaker even made a cute website, NotOnMyDime.net, replete with stock images of drug paraphernalia. When asked by CL if he had any statistical evidence that showed laid-off dope smokers to be a public menace and a leech on taxpayer dollars, he said he didn't. He also didn't include any language in the bill about pointing pee-test flunkers toward treatment. You know who else receives taxpayer dollars and doesn't do much of anything? State lawmakers. Frankly, their drug-test results might explain three-fourths of their legislation.