Golden Sleaze Awards - The It's Not Hypocrisy When I Do It Award

Sen. Judson Hill

No other state lawmaker was more frothing-at-the-mouth-angry about health care reform than Hill. Fueled by Tea Party talking points, anti-Obama sentiment and a strong desire to get re-elected, Hill led the Peach State charge against the federal bill. (Despite seeming not to understand it; Hill even claimed the president's plan would eliminate private insurance.) Of the many pieces of legislation he introduced to combat the Socialist menace, the most controversial would have allowed Georgians to buy out-of-state insurance policies. Patient advocacy groups and female lawmakers from both parties noted that such plans wouldn't cover the vital women's health measures – i.e., mammograms and chlamydia screenings – the state requires. (The bill failed.) Hill, however, appears to suffer from a short memory. During the 2006 legislative session, he sponsored legislation to require most Georgians between the ages of 18 and 65 to buy health insurance – and he introduced a similar measure just last year. Hmm, is it possible to be disinvited from a Tea Party?