Food Finds - Atlanta Bee Factory wildflower honey

It's no old wives' tale that a daily spoonful of local honey can do wonders for your allergies when the infamous Georgia pollen has you sniffling. It's also good for you when you have a cold. A 2007 study at Pennsylvania State University Medical School proved honey is a superior cough suppressant when it was compared to most over-the-counter medicines. Many local farmers sell their honey at farmers markets around Georgia, but finding a bottle at the grocery store is sometimes tricky.

Fortunately, the Atlanta Bee Factory has managed to place its all-natural wares in enough stores so it's easy to find. Owner David Arnal is a stickler about quality. He produces the 100 percent pure wildflower honey in the greater Atlanta area. The all-natural honey is processed without chemicals and Arnal employs free-range beekeeping techniques. The honey has an almost citrusy flavor with prominent floral notes.

The Atlanta Bee Factory makes a wide variety of other products such as honey straws, honey butter, candlesticks, comb honey, bee pollen, and a wildly successful line of children's honey cough syrup, Kiddie Bee. He's currently working on a honey lozenge.

A 10.6 ounce bottle of Atlanta Bee Factory honey retails at around $10.95. It's available at Whole Foods, Harry's Farmers Market, Sevananda Co-op, Star Provisions, Alon's, Parish, Belles Choses, Nutrition Depot, Sawickis, Taste and Good Nutrition. More information at www.atlantabeefactory.com.

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