Food Finds - Riverview Farms' pork chops

It's not uncommon to see the Riverview Farms' name on the menu of local Atlanta restaurants. The small organic farm in Ranger has gained a cult-like following of chefs and home cooks. Owners Charlotte and Wes Swancy produce pork, grass-fed beef, and certified organic vegetables. All of the farm's products are grown without the addition of hormones or antibiotics.

Riverview's pork is especially worth seeking out since it specializes in the heirloom breed, Berkshire (or Kurobuta) pork – a 300-year-old breed discovered by Oliver Cromwell. Berkshire pork is often called the Kobe beef of pork due to its shorter muscle fibers and fine marbling. Riverview sells many different pork-based products, but bone-in pork chops showcase the pork at its best.

The chops – which are almost an inch thick – fare well in a blazing hot cast iron pan with a little seasoning and nothing else. Berkshire pork's marbling allows the meat to stay juicier than the average store-bought chop. The buttery pork fat permeates the entire chop making each bite a sumptuous explosion of fierce porky goodness.

Riverview Farms' pork is available at Morningside Farmers Market, Peachtree Road Farmers Market, or contacting Charlotte at 678-910-2831 or through the farm's website, www.grassfedcow.com.

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