Hollywood Product: Observe and Report

GENRE: Dark, arrested-development comedy

THE PITCH: Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen), the gung-ho head of security at a dreary shopping mall, tracks a fugitive flasher as a means to impress Brandi (Anna Faris), a gorgeous airhead at the cosmetics counter. But who will guard the mall from Ronnie when he loses his tenuous grip on reality?

MONEY SHOTS: Ronnie tenderly places a blanket over his drunken mother (Celia Weston) after she passes out on the floor. The surprising outcome when thugs (including Danny McBride) corner Ronnie in a bad neighborhood. A montage of Brandi’s face growing increasingly slack as she does tequila shots. A brawl with police (including Ray Liotta) kinda-sorta resembles the famed hammer fight from Oldboy.

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(Photo by Peter Sorel)