These Are Powers play Eyedrum Tuesday night

Drummer Bill Salas is the new guy in These Are Powers, but the fascist cadences of his hallucinogenic beats give direction to the ghost-punk traipse at the center of All Aboard Future. “Easy Answers” establishes a rigid, slow-motion dub/industrial framework at the album’s onset. Vocalist Anna Barie’s elated banshee cry in “Life of Birds” is at once horrifying and alluring, as it jams the senses with a mashup of too many mixed signals. TAP is the rightful heir to the legacies of Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Coil, Suicide and so on. Prior to All Aboard Future, likening them to such an esteemed lineage felt like wishful thinking. But in light of the hypnotic rush of “Parallel Shores,” the creeping and mechanical plod of “Double Double Yolk,” and the clutter of damaged bass swells in “Blue Healer,” the sonic pedigree is undeniable.