CL’s Best of Atlanta 2014 After Dark voting is now open


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?Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to cast your ballot for Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta 2014 After Dark category.

It’s been a busy year that’s seen the rise of new contenders across the board: Kap G’s Like a Mexican mixtape took the city by storm, but is it the best? A new crop of producers, DJs, MCs, and game changers have risen to prominence as well. Is Raury ready to rule Atlanta, or will Future’s Honest carry the next generation Dungeon Family torchbearer to greatness? Does Black Lips’ Underneath the Rainbow live up to the hype, or is time for Concord America, Whores, Dasher, or some other young bucks to claim the throne of Atlanta’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll export? Where do the real jazz guys get together and make noise? What’s the best new venue in town, and where can you find the best EDM DJs spinning beats all night long? The time is now, people. Cast your vote. Let your voice be heard and help push this city toward the future.

Submit your After Dark votes online. You can vote for as many, or as few, categories as you’d like, as well as save your ballot and come back to it later. You can also use our mobile voting site so that the minute inspiration hits, you can record it with a vote.

Voting ends Sat., June 28, at midnight. This year’s winners will be announced Sept. 18.