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Unless you live under a rock, heck even if you live under a rock, you know the New Orleans Saints are on their way to their first Super Bowl in franchise history next Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. Given each city's pride in its respective teams, as well as the grand tradition of sports trash talking, what, pray tell, are these pigskin-obsessed metropoles doing to get into each others' heads? An Oreo lick-off? (Peyton has a clear advantage here.) A rap-off? (Lil Wayne vs. Naptown? Too easy.) A modern art masterpiece-off? Oh no they DIDN'T!

Oh yes, they did. Since Monday, the modern art Tweetosphere has been achirp with curatorial shit-talking, all in the name of Super Bowl glory, says arts blog Modern Art Notes:

IMA director and Twitter-devotee Maxwell Anderson stepped up and wagered a three-month loan of this recently acquired painting. Nice choice... but apparently Anderson isn't too worried about having to pay off the bet: "We're already spackling the wall where the NOMA loan will hang," he tweeted.

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