Art on the BeltLine exhibition schedule announced

Grab yer mama and all yer cousins and be downtown in June because it's BeltLine Fest 2010!

Okay, I made that name up. No one is calling it that. But essentially that's what it is: with the Art on the BeltLine installations having been completed, the BeltLine folks have announced an extensive lineup of music, art, family, and historical events along the BeltLine corridor for early this summer.

For those of you who have been living under a rock: the Atlanta BeltLine is a $2.8 billion redevelopment project currently

underway that will, when all is said and done (hint: it's gonna be a while), give the city a handful of new parks, trails, and transit along 22-miles of used-to-be railroad surrounding downtown. It's our own little "perimeter" and it's way prettier than yours, suburbs. Take that, 285. It's also the most ambitious and wide-scale urban redevelopment project that the City of Atlanta has ever taken on.

After going through over 170 proposals for Art on the BeltLine projects, a selection committee gave the green light to 30 pieces in April, with another 12 tapped in May. For the past month, the BeltLine has been abuzz with hard-working artists bringing their projects to fruition - and now it's time for a city-wide, summer-long art party.

"The Atlanta BeltLine Corridor will be a fun place to be for the whole month of June and then some," says Priscilla Smith, Executive Director of Eyedrum.  "We've got events of all shapes and sizes every weekend by the city's best musicians, dancers, and performers. It's going to be a great time to be in Atlanta."

Between June and October, the BeltLine will be embellished with art installations, historic site interpretations, and a series of performances set to start on Sat., May 29 when Sabor! Brass Band plays along the east side corridor of the BeltLine. Performances will continue throughout the month of June at various locations along the redevelopment project, including ongoing events for kids, dogs, and fitness enthusiasts. And fortunately, the lineup is punctuated with events for visitors with slightly more, um, eclectic sensibilities (or who don't want to hang out with kids, dogs, and fitness enthusiasts.)

Full list of events after the jump.

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