Atlanta blogs today: Friday, April 6, 2007 April 06 2007

Can we go ahead and end this silly debate as to whether employers should be required to allow employees to bring guns onto their property? Almost no one agrees with this stupid idea (particularly the Chamber of Commerce who sees it as an attack on business) except the NRA lobbyists and the career politicians they've bought off.

— decaturguy at Atlanta Public Affairs, on pending state legislation pitting property-rights conservatives against gun-rights conservatives.

Those djs on the Bert show (Bert Weiss, Jen Hobby, Melissa Carter, and Jeff Dahler) built this free admission to Six Flags day up like it was the second coming of Christ ...

— Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered, on the not particularly well-planned promotion at Six Flags Over Georgia that stopped traffic on I-20 yesterday.

On another Best Buy related note (because that is where I got my copy), the new fantastic Hilary Duff CD is out today. If “Outside of You” doesn’t make you go into a gay fit, then I need to see your gay card so I can tear off a corner. It is seriously wonderful! I heart you Hilary!

— Duane at DuaneMoody.com discussing his latest purchase.