Atlanta blogs today: Monday, April 9, 2007 April 09 2007

John Edwards 40%, Barack Obama 25%, Bill Richardson 20%, Hillary Clinton 5%.

— Results from Blog For Democracy's straw poll of 2008 Democratic candidates for President, as of 11:09 a.m. today

Ever since Mel Gibson’s Passion raised the bar, the demand for realism in Passion Plays is so strong I hear that at the Civic Center production just before the big crucifixion scene they drop a puff of smoke so the actor playing Jesus can run off and be replaced by one of those pickled corpses leftover from the Bodies exhibit.

— Comedian Brian Bannon on the Atlanta Passion Play

In fact, in the face of the Republican leadership's preoccupation with guns, booze, and corporate entitlements, success for Georgia families is best measured by the bills we have managed to kill or, at least, to stall.

— Amy Morton at Georgia Women Vote, opining on the state Legislature's accomplishments this year