Atlanta blogs today: Oba-messiah April 16 2007

It’s no longer a political campaign it’s a religion!

-Peach Pundit contributor Buzz Brockway mocks the written description accompanying a YouTube video of Sen. Obama's rally Saturday at Georgia Tech. The video's author wrote, "I think people are almost afraid to have hope for the future but really want to."

This week, the Dunwoody incorporation bill was passed out of committee, but with a caveat that the folks who would be affected by incorporation will not be given an opportunity to vote on the new city until sometime in 2008.

-Joseph G. at Dora-Blog, on a bill that would pave the way for Dunwoody to incorporate as a city. Creative Loafing's Scott Henry wrote about Dunwoody's incorporation movement last year. In January, he wrote about the secession movement in Fulton County.

I asked why they felt the need to send flyers for junk around to APS households when anyone can send out an [[http://knowledge.emory.edu/index.cfm?fa=viewArticle&ID=1048|Internet]] newletter sic nowadays for virtually nothing.

Ms. Scope patiently explained to me that a lot of APS households don't have or use computers, meaning they are too low income to have computers I must assume.

-Grayson at Spacey Gracey Review on why Atlanta Public Schools mails direct-marketing materials to Atlanta residents instead of using e-mail. The ads mailed to alleged non-computer users include Vonage, Snapfish, OrderMyDish.com and Tutor.com.