Atlanta blogs today: Gun laws debated April 17 2007

Certainly, the nanny state has gone too far, but not far enough when it comes to guns. There's more restrictions to smoking than weapons. Trust me, if the "pro-smoking lobby" was as vociferous and organized as the NRA, you'd be seeing Mitt Romney taking a drag off a Winston before his next campaign speech.

ATLMalcontent on the political influence of the National Rifle Association. Gov. Romney has been accused of exaggerating his interest in hunting to appeal to gun-owning voters.

Sadly, schools that do not recognize right to carry laws will continue to have havoc wreaked upon them, just like Columbine, the Amish School, and Virginia Tech. Am I advocating that university students be allowed to carry guns? Absolutely.

Jace Walden believes that university students should be allowed to carry guns on campus. Virginia Tech does not permit students to carry firearms on campus, even if they have a permit from the state.

Columbine is a high school and the Amish school in Bart Township, Pa., was a one-room schoolhouse with kids as young as 6.

On the day after what’s being called the deadliest single murder spree in American history, the Senate will debate a bill to permit employees to keep guns in their cars parked on corporate lots.

— AJC.com's Political Insider on H.B. 89, state legislation that would allow employees to keep guns in their automobiles, regardless of the wishes of the employers or property owners