Atlanta blogs today: Courage and chickens April 19 2007

As someone who personally got kicked out of the Fox Theatre last year by the Georgians for Better Transportation at an influence-peddling extravaganza that was so grotesque that even the AJC's Jim Wooten condemned it, I delight in this opinion.

Doug Monroe at Peachtree Screed, on Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker's written condemnation Wednesday of the road-building industry's habit of "lobbying" state transportation officials with lavish meals and entertainment.

He told the NRA to suck it up and shot them down.

Georgia made a great choice this past November.

Erick at Peach Pundit, praising Lt. Gov Casey Cagle for his role in, um, shooting down an NRA-backed bill that would have allowed employees to keep guns in their cars at work against the wishes of the property owner.

Scott Henry praises Cagle in this week's Creative Loafing, citing his sensible, even-handed leadership in the Senate.

Call me elitist, I sure don't mind. I simply do not know, nor care to associate with, people who buy crap like plastic troughs for eating chicken wings.

— Grayson at Spacey Gracey Review is very passionate about chicken wings.