Atlanta Blogs Today: Sonny's veto April 20 2007

"The late-night, quick fix was the wrong solution for Georgia."

-Gov. Sonny Perdue commenting on the $142 million tax cut included in the '07 supplemental budget that he vetoed last night.

Once again Sonny, I really wish you had felt that way before you got that $100,000 "late night" tax break from Larry O'Neal.

— Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered. A story about the "late night" $100,000 can be found here.

Not one of these candidates acknowledge the brutal nature of the procedure, nor the broad popular support for banning it. In light if these comments, I think it’s safe to say, Clinton, Edwards and Obama are abortion extremists. Voters beware.

Buzz at The Buzz Blog calls the leading Democratic candidates for president abortion extremists, in light of their comments on the U.S. Supreme Court's Wednesday ruling upholding the federal ban on late-term abortions.

Wednesday's decision was the first since Roe v. Wade to uphold a law restricting abortion without an exception for the mother's health.

Fernbank is one of those really cool places that i always forget to take advantage of when coming up with ideas for outings with the kids. So, I'm really going to try and get the family over there for their National Astronomy Day celebration on Saturday (April 21st.)

Annie at Metroblogging Atlanta on National Astronomy Day at the Fernbank Science Center on Saturday.