Atlanta blogs today: Bar fight and vagina power April 23 2007

Has anyone else heard about the fight between two lobbyists last night at the House’s Sine Die party? I have no idea who was involved, but apparently one lobbyist’s ear was partially cut off by a beer bottle to the head.

Jason at Peach Pundit on a bar fight at a Georgia House of Representatives party at Spotted Dog in Midtown. Lobbyist Pete Stokes was arrested Saturday and charged with aggravated assault.

Atlanta City Council President Lisa Borders has filed papers with the state ethics commission establishing her campaign committee (Friends of Lisa Borders) for a potential run for Mayor of Atlanta in 2009.

Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered, on the contest to replace Shirley Franklin.

Apparently the rest of the internets knew, but not us.

— Seth at Metroblogging Atlanta discovers (via Gawker) Alexyss K. Tylor. My colleague Alejandro blogged about her on Friday.

Tylor is the author of Vagina Power as well as the host of an amazing show that airs on People TV, Atlanta's public access station.

Here's a clip from the Halloween show. Tylor is dressed as a pilot because she's piloting the pussy. "Y'all got to be the pussy police," she says.

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