Atlanta blogs today: Cars and more cars April 25 2007

For some strange reason people in this metro love to brag about how scared MARTA makes them. I suspect many of these people are the same ones with “No Fear” stickers on their trucks.

Joe Winter at Joeventures.com, quoting a regular MARTA user. Joe has blogged extensively about the Peachtree Street streetcar proposal. He serves on the board of Citizens For Progressive Transit.

South Carolina's beating us up and taking our lunch money. Not because they're better, but because they're thinking more progressively.

Button Gwinnett at Liberal Lucidity, on how biofuels are far more widely available to consumers in South Carolina than they are in Georgia. According to environmental attorney Scott Hitch, there are 50 retail outlets for biofuels in South Carolina, but only three in Georgia.

Incidentally, I've shopped at two of the three in Georgia. Refuel Biodiesel sells biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil and is located in Cabbagetown.

S.A. White is adjacent to Dobbins AFB and sells biodiesel made from rendered chicken fat.

I think he was surprised that I recognized him, considering my line of work. He was even more surprised that I didn't recognize his dinner companion.

"Would you like to meet Bob Gibson?" he asked, not knowing I was a huge baseball fan. It was cordial and brief, but it meant a lot to me.

ATLMalcontent fondly remembers meeting journalist David Halberstam while working as a parking valet. Halberstam died Monday in a car accident.