Atlanta blogs today: Getting personal April 30 2007

most of you who have met me know that i have a pretty obvious port wine stain birthmark on the right side of my face.i’ve gotten so used to mine that i barely even notice it anymore. it’s just part of what i see everyday.

James at Arc of Time on seeing someone with a birthmark similar to his.

I ordered two eggs (over easy), chicken sausage, potatoes, and a biscuit and washed it all down with coffee. The eggs and coffee were really the only things done right. The chicken sausage was bland. The potatoes were diced and home fried, but most of them were coldish and crunchy — blech. And finally, the biscuit. This was the second worst biscuit that I have had in my life (the first was blogged about here).

Paulie at Inside The Perimeter on a recent breakfast

So keep your fucking kids away from the fucking bar. What kind of fucking parents are you? Is your white zin so delicious that you care not about the character of people at the bar, where you sent your precious children to play?

I’m gonna fuck/kill this underage kid next to me.

— David P. Brown at DailyDoseOfDave.net warning parents to keep their kids away from Taco Mac. Jokes and fantasies about rape (examples 1, 2, 3, 4) are common on Dave's site. He has also suggested that Mexican immigrants be murdered en masse.

Last year, he posted a rape fantasy about the girlfriend of one of the people who operates the local blog aggregator atlbloggers.net. Dave removed the post and apologized.