Atlanta blogs today: Bash bashed by Bush-bashers May 01 2007

If you’re afraid to hear something that’s different from what you believe, then going to a neighborhood festival with thousands of people attending probably isn’t the best way for you to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Rusty at Radical Georgia Moderate, commenting on Mary Grabar's guest column in the AJC today about the Inman Park Festival. Grabar calls the parade's anti-Bush administration protesters hateful, disruptive and fat.

Politics has replaced religion for the left, so for them it has to permeate all aspects of their life.

Doug Deal commenting on Peach Pundit about Grabar's column.

Take a look at the picture. Doesn’t that look AMAZING! Well, maybe it would if you lived in a town whose main attraction was a museum to Coca-Cola.

— D.C.'s Wonkette blog mocks Saturday's pro-impeachment demonstrations in Atlanta. Protesters spelled the word "impeach" with candles.