Atlanta blogs today: Waffle conspiracy May 02 2007

With the approval of the curriculm by the state school board, Georgia may become the first state in the USA to offer public-funded Bible classes in high school.

Blog For Democracy on an AP story about the Muscogee County school board's decision to offer Bible classes in public schools next fall.

Incidentally, the picture the AP chose to run with the story is delightful.

There is almost nothing to back this rumor up, except for the fact that the mayor and Hart have been spotted together at the local Waffle House and also that the mayor seems to let Mr. Hart have pretty much free reign to do what he sees fit when it comes to directing city employees.

Joseph G at Dora-Blog on rumors that Doraville Mayor Ray Jenkins is grooming Doraville Councilman Tom Hart to replace him.

Last year Mayor Jenkins ordered Hart not to speak to Doraville City Clerk Betty Cloer. The incident earned Hart a spot on Creative Loafing's list of Least Influential Atlantans. Another recent contributor to Dora-Blog accuses Hart of being "hateful" to women.

Mayor Franklin is sending her credibility into the toilet by backing this guy.

Peachtree Screed's Doug Monroe on Mayor Franklin's support for beleaguered APD Chief Richard Pennington.