Atlanta blogs today: Laughter, kittens and cruises May 04 2007

Chambliss is laughing somewhere.

Jason Pye at Peach Pundit on a report that Vernon Jones' Senate campaign has raised just $8,000. Incumbent Sen. Saxby Chambliss' campaign has more than $2.8 million available.

I do love how self-described "fiscal conservatives" roll over like newborn kittens when the DOT comes strokin'. No amount of spending is too shocking.

— GriftDrift mocks AJC's columnist Jim Wooten's support for the proposed $4 billion re-jiggering of the I-75/I-575 interchange.

If you ever get the chance I definitely recommend going on a Gay Cruise for a vacation (if you are gay of course).

B.J. at SodomyCreek.net on his recent Hawaiian vacation. I don't recommend reading the entire post, but do yourself a favor and look at the souvenir photos he posted.