Atlanta blogs today: Sex, violence and Frenching May 07 2007

It should be something more descriptive, but also catchy. I thought of, “Log on. Get off.” It’s cute, but I don’t know if it’s descriptive enough.

Amber at Being Amber Rhea on a proposed conference of local sex bloggers

I'm not one to usually blow random acts of crime out of proportion, but what is going on in Atlanta?

DecaturGuy at Atlanta Public Affairs on high-profile crimes in Atlanta

I'm for it, though the number of drunk voters it would produce might give Ralph Nader a reasonable shot at winning.

ATLMalcontent supports making Election Day a national holiday, but fears the possible consequences. Voter turnout in France's presidential election Sunday was 84 percent, compared with 64 percent in the last U.S. presidential election (which took place on a Tuesday).