Atlanta Blogs Today: Seeking office May 08 2007

Any Democrat that has their eye on that race needs to start thinking seriously now about how you derail Howard.

chrisishardcore at GAPolitics.net on radio host Clark Howard's nascent bid to replace Shirley Franklin. CL's Scott Henry spoke with Howard Monday.

A victory would make the consumer guru Atlanta's first white mayor since 1974, as well as improve the city's odds of becoming the home of the proposed World of Big K Cola Museum.


Dear God in heaven, what hath the Internet wrought?

AJC.com's Political Insider on news that two contributors to the political blog Peach Pundit are considering running for political office.


Here is the process I think Phil Kent uses to write columns like this one:

1. Buy a MadLib pad at the local Waldenbooks.

2. Lure Sean Hannity to his house with promises of freshly-clubbed, ground baby seal on sesame crackers


Rusty at Radical Georgia Moderate on the 15-step process he imagines local conservative bon vivant and Georgia Gangsta Phil Kent uses to write his columns. Full disclosure: Phil Kent once annoyed me.