Atlanta blogs today: Cops Gone Wild May 09 2007

I guess if you are a cop, you can do any damn thing you want and not get in trouble for it, apparently!!

ZMan at Sex Offender Issues on Officer Lamar Gavin of the Atlanta Police Department. Prosecutors allege that Gavin videotaped himself raping a Virginia-Highland woman who spurned his advances.

I'm trying to learn how to stop dwelling on negative things that happen to me. Some recent events have made me look at my life in a whole different way.

— APD Officer Lamar Gavin, from the About Me section of his MySpace profile. First on Gavin's list of favorite TV shows is "Law & Order: SVU," a police drama about sex crimes.

When he finally approaches me, he asks what happened, types some shit into his computer, pulls the run-away driver's tag number and then decides to speak to us. He tells us, basically, that nothing will be done about the hit and run. There's no way to prove who was driving the car....Bullshit! I saw the asshole driving...I saw him up close...I would even remember the passengers. I'm not totally memory-challenged. Its sad to say, but I feel like I was violated twice in one day. Its left me with little confidence and a stomach full of flaring ulcers.

Alphabitch8 says her vehicle was hit on the Downtown Connector, but that the officer who responded refused to help.