Atlanta blogs today: Naked Mexicans May 10 2007

Tunick's the guy who gets people to strip naked and pose for vast works of living sculpture while he documents the spectacle with his camera.

Inside The Oversexed Mind of Gloria Brame on Spencer Tunick's photos of massed, nude Mexicans. Her website features examples.

I’ve also decided that Blake Lewis is my American Idol - It only took until 3 to go for me to decide on my favorite this season - the final three are all really good, but I’m going for Blake because a) he’s interesting, b) he’s hot, c) he might be gay or a unitarian, and just the possibility of such is enough!

— Kinsi at Spirituality and Sunflowers picks her favorite American Idol.

Some argument as to whether or not Atlanta really has a big "scene" going on. Cable & Tweed's got the MTV story that adds fuel to the fire. Is it just me or does it seem like MTV and Rolling Stone try and jump on something sometimes just to claim they're not out of touch?

— Mail Clerk at blog The Day Jobs on whether Atlanta has a music scene. The discussion was prompted by a recent MTV story featuring Atlanta bands, which CL's Chante Lagon blogged about on Tuesday.