Atlanta blogs today: Dooced May 15 2007

I think I may have just been dooced…

— David P. Brown at Daily Dose of Dave thinks he may have been fired because of his personal blog. Dooced is blogger slang for getting fired because of your blog.

Why might Dave's blog have gotten him fired? Maybe was it the rape fantasies, child-rape fantasies or mass-murder fantasies? Or maybe it was the time he described his boss as a dipshit, joked about beating him up, mocked his personnel decisions or called him a moron.


You can meet Mitt at the “Romney for President” booth in Exhibit Hall C from 3:00 - 3:30 pm on Friday the 18th.

— Buzz at Peach Pundit informs us that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be at the Georgia GOP convention Friday.


Hi! I'm Michael Alvear, YouTube's new resident shagspert.

— Michael Alvear is an Atlanta author, columnist one-time CL contributor and the star of HBO's "Sex Inspectors," a reality show about helping couples improve their sex lives. He may have also invented the word shagspert.

Alvear's latest project is sex-advice video blogging on YouTube.

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In this one, Alvear opines on the yeas and nays of dirty talk.