Atlanta blogs today: Freelance attack ads May 17 2007

and to continue to take this story about the $4 gas in san francisco and present as if it is some harbinger of this price showing up everywhere shows just how inane journalists get when it comes to talking about gas.

i guess in that way they aren’t much different from people that waste a gallon of gas driving around to save 5 cents a gallon on a fillup.

— James at Arc of Time on what he describes as sensationalizing journalism about gas prices.

Incidentally, I paid $2.75 a gallon for my last fill-up. Ask me how.

Doesn't it say something about citizen journalism that the best radio interview program in the state is based in Lyons, Ga.?

— Doug Monroe's Peachtree Screed on radio host Wilson Smith's criticism of Gov. Perdue for removing environmentalist Sally Bethea from the state's Board of Natural Resources

In honor of Jim Whitehead’s endorsement from the constitution-burning Concerned Women Political Action Committee, I have authored my first political attack ad.

Rusty at Radical Georgia Moderate has authored a YouTube political campaign ad attacking Jim Whitehead. Whitehead is among the candidates running to complete the House of Representatives term of the late Rep. Charlie Norwood.