Atlanta blogs today April 03 2007

Ah, sexually deviant politicians. They are just so much! This campaign is going to be truly awesome. From firing the crackers to the orgies and three-ways to feeling up the women, now all we need is a live boy or dead girl in the trunk.

-Erick Erickson at Peach Pundit on DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones. Jones kicks off his U.S. Senate campaign tonight with a rally at Manuel's Tavern.

We have not a single elected leader with the courage to step forward with a realistic vision for the transportation future.

-Doug Monroe at Peachtree Screed on the state's apparent refusal to fund the proposed Atlanta-to-Lovejoy commuter rail.

Who else rhymes and sings about their love for spandex, the Bedazzler, and killing zombies?

-Rich at Cable Tweed describing kitsch WebCeleb Leslie Hall, who's playing two shows in Atlanta on April 21 and 22. Here's a clip of Leslie and her band performing "Gem Sweater."

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