Atlanta blogs today: Wednesday, April 4, 2007 April 04 2007

I was sitting there, at the top of the escalators, when a single gun shot rang out. This was followed by a pause, and then three or four more gun shots. All I remember is picking up my things and running.

-Robert at Bump.net, on yesterday's shooting at CNN Center that left 22-year-old Clara Riddles dead.

Georgia House Republicans have added over $214 million dollars of pork to the 2007 supplemental budget. This number does not include the funds needed to operate Peach Care.

-Chris Farris of Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia urging Georgians to write letters to the state Senate demanding spending cuts.

Much of the night’s dialogue was dedicated to the conservative philosophy of the CEO of DeKalb County. Yet the bar, a Democratic stronghold, wasn’t exactly the ideal venue for an African-American trying to establish his street creds with the white bourgeois belly of Georgia’s political middle.

-AJC.com's Political Insider blog, describing DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones' Senate campaign pseudolaunch at Manuel's Tavern last night.

Jones was the subject of a terrific CL cover story by Scott Henry in July 2005. And I'm not just saying that because Scott sits next to me.