Atlanta blogs today: Kai, Pye and Guys May 23 2007

I think the ATL cops must have some serious problems down there. They needn't bust in on innocent old grandmas. Just go over to the Mayor's house......

Aging Hipster remarks on the front-page story in today's AJC about a federal investigation of whether Mayor Shirley Franklin's daughter, Kai Franklin, laundered money for her convicted drug dealer ex-husband, Tremayne Graham.

Two weeks ago, CL's Mara Shalhoup wrote about the investigation in her cover story about Graham. I would have said "wrote about it brilliantly," but I'd hate to be accused of bias.


Bush's re-election has been one of the worst things to happen to this country since Jimmy Carter was in office.

— Jason Pye at JasonPye.com. Pye's hackles were raised by Bush's support of a bill that would increase the minimum wage.

I met Jason at the Peach Pundit happy hour last Friday. I didn't see any hackles.


The AGMC exploits the desires of some of Atlanta's gay men to get in a group and sing. Of course, it is also a means of hooking up with new partners and a great networking tool for them. They must pay excessive quarterly dues that almost completely supports the group and keeps them singing.

— The person who writes the blog Atlanta Classical Music thinks the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus is a rip-off.