Atlanta blogs today: One for the road May 25 2007

Ben Hill Package Store in southwest Atlanta was selling liquor and cups of ice in a drive-thru, so customers could immediately pour themselves a stiff one.

Doug Monroe at Peachtree Screed on Keith Olbermann's story last night on the Ben Harbin Hill liquor store.

“It’s the American way,” says a store employee about drinking and driving.


Check this shit out, our little Shelbinator made it into Hillary Clinton’s latest video. Look for him around the 58 or 59 second mark:

— Rusty at Radical Georgia Moderate points viewers to a Hillary Clinton campaign video featuring Atlanta blogger Shelby Highsmith.


Well, since tomorrow will be the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars film (A New Hope) hitting theatres, here are some links that’ll make you feel old, nostalgic or sick, depending on your point of view.

Seth at Mostly Muppet Dot Com celebrates the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.

My parents took me to see it 30 years ago. They say I fell asleep. I was 3.