Atlanta blogs today: Voldemort of Gwinnett May 29 2007

"When friends call from Ohio and Virginia I am forced to acknowledge that I live in the same county as the 'Anti-Harry Potter Lady'."

- Sndeak at Tondee's Tavern is embarrassed to live near Laura Mallory, the Gwinnett mother crusading to ban Harry Potter books from county public school libraries. Mallory claims the books encourage witchcraft and an interest in the occult. She will present her case today at Gwinnett Superior Court.


Ahh.. Brazil. Birthplace of three of the hottest VS models and now home to common sense. The government wants to reduce unwanted pregnancies and abortions, so they’re subsidizing birth control.

-Audacity likes Brazil for two reasons. Or, depending on how you count them, four reasons.


If you live in Oklahoma, look out for flying baseballs.

-Charles Davidson at Rowland's Office on pitcher Mark Redman's first start today with the minor league Oklahoma RedHawks. Redman was dumped from the Braves after going 0-4 with an ERA of 11.63.