Atlanta blogs today: Let's have a conversation June 01 2007

NPR’s Robert Smith did a story today about (surprise, surprise) Hillary Clinton’s YouTube video, and decided to focus on my response as an example of the vulnerability candidates embrace in the vlogosphere (who, moi???)

— Shelby at Shelbinator.com had a funny cameo in a Clinton campaign video posted on YouTube.


I remember the first time I read a personal blog. I found it so comforting to read about someone who had similar life experiences as me, who found the same things funny as I did, who had the balls to write exactly what he or she felt and not give a damn.

— Lori at Mingaling.net responds to this week's CL cover story, in which I expressed disdain for some personal blogs.


I went to The Oakhurst Laundry and Cleaners @ 6:45pm and was summarily banned from "getting stuff cleaned here anymore."

— Clunky at ClunkyRobot.com writes about being banned from a dry cleaner. It's an odd story.