Atlanta blogs today: The Big Guy is back June 06 2007

Without going into too much detail (it was a private function after all), there was a rumor floating around the Edwards event last night in Macon that Mark Taylor intends to enter the US Senate race against Saxby Chambliss.

— Mel at Blog for Democracy on a rumor that ex-Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor will have a go at Saxby Chambliss' job.


Yep, that is what I got out of the debate last night. More of the same old grumpy rhetoric. No new ideas, just the same ol' crap.

— sndeak at Tondee's Tavern on last night's Republican presidential debate.


This was my first long look at Romney and I thought he was, as Lewis Grizzard said about Bill Clinton, slicker than a whole bucket of eels.

— Commenter Mike-El on Peach Pundit's GOP Debate Open Thread. Bloggers and commenters contributed to a running commentary of the debate in the post's comments section.