Atlanta blogs today: Bright light in the reality TVosphere June 07 2007

Gay voters shouldn't trust Hillary, even though they do. Blame the petty queer establishment, which has sold its soul to the senator from New York.

— ATLMalcontent on how Sen. Hillary Clinton tries to spin her husband's enactment of the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy on gay personnel into something positive for gays and lesbians.

The military has kicked out 58 Arabic-speaking linguists using Don't Ask, Don't Tell, even though the military is desperately short of Arabic-speakers.


The city government cannot & should not legislate where stores catering to particular ethnicities can be opened. Doraville’s best bet for attracting many new residents in the numbers that would support these supermarkets is high density, mixed-use development in the area where the GM Plant currently stands.

— Joseph G at Dora-Blog on a petition by some Doraville residents to try to keep a new Asian-food supermarket from being built on Buford Highway. The petition signers would prefer a non-Asian-food grocery store, like Kroger or Publix.


I LOVE Kathy Griffin, and I was elated to know that her show was coming back, because it is a side-splitter, and definitely the best that reality TV has to offer; she is a brilliant comedian, and her show always has me in stitches. But she is an unusually bright light in the otherwise dark realm of reality tv.

— Duane Moody likes LOVES Kathy Griffin!