Atlanta blogs today: Random acts of blogging June 08 2007


Desperate, I approached the clerk at the front desk and asked him for the phone number in Reagan's room. Going to a house phone by the elevators, filled with trepidation, I dialed it.

— Freelance writer and blogger Carol Bogart on meeting Ronald Reagan in the late 1970s.



Anyone who's interested in hearing an amazing queer folk duo should check out the Coyote Grace concert on June 16th at Sadie and Jezebel's.

— If you're interested in amazing queer folk duos, Atlanta Lesbians is the blog for you.


Boss thinks we have a gas leak so here i am outside. No internet :-( hopefully gas company will be here soon and let us back in.

— Dramawench serves up one of my favorite types of blog posts — the blog post explaining why the author isn't blogging.