Atlanta blogs today: Weekend festivities June 18 2007

I'm not quite sure where to begin with regard to Saturday evening at the 'Roo. It featured three acts I was thrilled to be seeing at the festival, and none of them disappointed.

-Rich at Cable & Tweed went to Bonnaroo and has the pictures, MP3s and YouTube videos to prove it.


You are a better father than I ever imagined you would be. You are good at so many things, but at being a father, you rock. Watching you with Audrey brings me so much joy. She adores you. I do too. We have the family I have always wanted.

-Angela at My Daily Struggle pays kind tribute to her husband with a list of things she appreciates about him, and some amazing photos.


According to a Mason - Dixon poll conducted over the weekend, Fred Thompson has decisively won South Carolina’s conservative primary vote. Though he hasn’t formally announced his candidacy, former United States Senator Fred Thompson drew 25%, and America’s mayor polled in second at 21%.

-Seth Millican at Peach Pundit has an expansive definition of the word "decisively." Thompson's four-point lead was less than the poll's margin of error. I guess Thompson's sonorous voice makes everything he does seem decisive.