Atlanta blogs today: Vote or diet June 19 2007

Today is election day in the 10th Congressional district of Georgia. Polls are open 7 AM until 7 PM and if you’re scheduled to work during the entirety of that time or if you cannot otherwise make it to vote, State Law requires that you get two hours off from work to go vote.Go Vote.

-I think Bloglanta wants us to vote today.

Last night I rammed a can of Bud Light up a chicken’s butt . . .

-Paulie at Inside The Perimeter made dinner.

The only given reason for pulling the suspect over was spotting him with an alcoholic beverage in his hand, not because he was driving a lawn mower down main street.

-GriftDrift, on a story from the Moultrie Observer about a man pulled over by police while driving a lawn mower down North Main Street.