Atlanta blogs today: Two too close to call June 20 2007

Paul Broun's showing was, quite frankly, nothing less of stunning and something that both Democrats and Republicans never considered.

— JMAC at Safe as Houses on yesterday's special election to fill the vacant Georgia 10th Congressional District seat. Republican Jim Whitehead got 44% of the vote. Once all of the votes are counted, he will face either Republican Paul Broun Jr. or Democrat James Marlow in a July 17 run-off. With 96% of the vote counted late last night, Broun and Marlow had 20.7% and 20.3%, respectively.


So, as I’m planning my schedule for the NECC, I just realized a huge conflict: NECC pre-conference events are on Pride weekend. How am I to watch the parade and hear the opening keynote?!

— Megan Golding is trying to figure out how she's going to watch Sunday's Pride Parade without missing one of the big speeches at the National Educational Computing Conference at the World Congress Center.

Forget speeches! What about the NECC's six-hour "library crawl" on Sunday?! Complete with brown-bag lunches! Who'd wanna miss that?


Yesterday at lunch I got Snapple Real Fact #116 and I cringed a little bit:

#116 - The largest fish is the whale shark - It can be over 50 feet long and weigh 2 tons.

— Seth at Metroblogging Atlanta evidently forgot to bring a book to lunch. CL guest blogger Mei Lan wrote about whale sharks yesterday.