Word: To Pacman or not Pacman

Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones, a College Park native, might be skilled on the field. But he could use some pointers on strip-club etiquette. A February Las Vegas strip-club brawl allegedly started after Jones tossed $81,000 cash in the air in order to “make it rain,” before he threatened to kill club employees and bit a bar bouncer. Last Friday, he was charged in Las Vegas on two felony charges of coercion. Now he’s wanted for questioning in a June 18 Moreland Avenue shooting that occurred after his visit to Atlanta nudie bar Club Blaze.

I understand my responsibilities to my teammates, the Titans and my fans and I am committed to turning my life around and being a positive member of the NFL.

— Adam “Pacman” Jones on June 12, after he accepted his yearlong suspension and six days before the Club Blaze shooting

It’s time for the word "pacman" to become a verb. "To pacman" needs to become part of the lexicon. "To pacman" means to repeatedly do a stupid thing while professing to understand its stupidity. For example: Dude pacmanned himself when he kept going to strip clubs with his gun-toting friends even after it cost him millions of dollars.

— ESPN.com’s Tim Keown on June 20